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[Abstract] The Presentation System is ideal for use in a huddle room to provide cost-effective presentation and collaboration capabilities for smaller spaces. Use in conference rooms for guest presenters to share presentations, documents and photos. Share content in classrooms from a laptop or mobile device among students and teachers.

• Presenter is easy to use Laptop, Tablet or Desktop computer as a source.

• Screen-sharing can conveniently use wired (HDMI/Display Port) or wireless (WirelessHD) technology.

• HDCVT WirelessHD dongle or adapter provides lossless and zero-latency video & audio transmission.

• HDCVT video conferencing camera can be used for remote conference monitoring via Ethernet.

• Supports up to 7 video sources and 2 displays including one local display and one 70m remote display through CAT5e/6 cable.

• Quad multi-viewers.

• Supports IR, RS-232, Keypad on table or WebUI control.

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1).HDS-A71PSH70: 4K Multi-viewer Presentation Switcher with HDMI and HDBaseT mirrored output

2).HDV-W501TX: Wireless HD Transmitter dongle with lossless and uncompressed audio and video transmission

3).HDV-W551TX: Wireless HD Transmitter with lossless and uncompressed audio and video transmission

4).HDV-W551RX: Wireless HD Receiver with lossless and uncompressed audio and video receiving

5).HDCVT IP Camera: 4K IP Camera

6).HBT-E70S: 4K 70 meters HDBaseT Receiver

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